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What is Social Impact Consulting?

Our impact is what drives us. At Primum, we work to scale up your impact quickly and effectively by providing the tools, expertise, and hands to get important work done for your organization to maximize its impact.
Who? We serve non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and philanthropies all over the world.

What? Through strategic planning, effective funding strategy, hiring and training the right team, and tracking metrics, your organization can improve its efficacy and efficiency, and relieve the pressure and long hours from your staffI would love to show you the power of planning.

Why? My strategy is to train and equip YOUR team, so you can build and grow your organization quickly. 

Our goal is to relieve the burden of long hours and overtime from the people who drive your organization. Impact-driven people are passionate and energetic, unless they get burned out from overworking, which is easy to do when you care about your cause. 

This can happen ONLY through efficient planning, effective processes, hiring the right team, and tracking your progress!

How It Works





Contact us to schedule a meeting time.

We will treat you to a coffee or tea while we discuss your business or organization's needs.

We will assign a project manager to help your goals.

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"Annie appeared at the exact moment and managed an extremely efficient process to establish the branding for Electricidad por el Pueblo, a solar installation cooperative in Puerto Rico that I was helping to form in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes. Her keen insight, adherence to method, and passion for the sustainable/multi-cultural/social justice nature of the project resulted in tools (logo, website, business cards) we could use right away to strong positive effect. I found her work so well-tuned that I immediately hired her for a second project, designing the website for my own business SunJuice Solar."


Alison Mason, Solar Integration Expert, SunJuice Solar

and Co-Founder, Electricidad por el Pueblo


Client Reviews

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