What is Social Impact Consulting?

Who? We serve non-profit organizations and social enterprises all over the world.
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What? We are the trusted extra set of hands to maximize your productivity, generate wellbeing in the workplace, and meet your goals. 
Why? Our clients generally fit one of the following cases:
  1. Ongoing: You need a trusted extra set of hands to help achieve your goals and keep your staff healthy.
  2. Short-term: You have a specific strategic goal (decreasing office stress, expanding social media presence, re-designing your website, updating graphics such as posters or brochures). 





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We will assign a project manager to help your goals.

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"Annie appeared at the exact moment and managed an extremely efficient process to establish the branding for Electricidad por el Pueblo, a solar installation cooperative in Puerto Rico that I was helping to form in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes. Her keen insight, adherence to method, and passion for the sustainable/multi-cultural/social justice nature of the project resulted in tools (logo, website, business cards) we could use right away to strong positive effect. I found her work so well-tuned that I immediately hired her for a second project, designing the website for my own business SunJuice Solar."


Alison Mason, Solar Integration Expert, SunJuice Solar

and Co-Founder, Electricidad por el Pueblo


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