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About Primum

The people behind the impact is what drives us at Primum. I became involved in impact-driven work early in life, first through international Christian missions work, and later through international humanitarian work and environmental work.

I began to notice inefficiencies in the non-profit sector after serving in multiple non-profits and starting one of my own. I started Primum with the goal of improving efficient processes and planning in the non-profit and social impact sector so we can increase our impact, without the strain on the staff.

Through strategic planning, effective funding strategy, hiring and training the right team, and tracking metrics, your organization can improve its efficacy and efficiency, and relieve the pressure and long hours from your staffI would love to show you the power of planning.

My strategy is to train and equip YOUR team, so you can build and grow your organization quickly.


Let's get started!

Why the Leafcutter Ant?

The leafcutter ant encompasses the principles of my services. I will fly under the radar to quickly and efficiently help your organization or enterprise increase effectiveness and efficiency. Leafcutter ants can carry 3-6 times more than their body weight. 

Why "Primum"?

In Latin "Primum" means "first". This stems from the legacy of my grandfather, who dedicated his life to cultivating a highly successful business career based on the principles: "Wake up early, be the first in the door of your office, work hard for your clients."

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