About Primum

Through Primum, I supports small and medium-sized non-profit organizations and social enterprises. At this stage in growth organizations and companies can need an extra set of hands, but are not ready to hire full-time staff. Primum provides a variety of services to help organizations and companies achieve their goals.

Primum provides affordable, efficient, and diverse services. While based in Geneva, Switzerland, I serve clients globally. My current clients are in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Washington, D.C., and Colorado. 

Why the Leafcutter Ant?

The leafcutter ant encompasses the principles of my services. I will fly under the radar to quickly and efficiently help your organization or enterprise achieve its goals. Leafcutter ants can not only carry 3-6 times more than their body weight, but the heavy lifting in their colonies is done by "workers", which are all female. I am active in initiatives that empower women in the workplace locally in Colorado, as well as nationally and internationally.

Why "Primum"?

In Latin "Primum" means "first". This stems from the legacy of my grandfather, who dedicated his life to cultivating a highly successful business career based on the principles: "Wake up early, be the first in the door of your office, work hard for your clients."