Role: ​

  • Designed the brand identity, logo, and website for the Electrica Tool.


Role: ​

  • Designed the identity for a national (Switzerland) student-led campaign to promote the urgency of sustainability in Switzerland. 

  • Tr-Lingual website (French, German, Italian)

  • Complete campaign identity.

logo IHG.png

For the 2019 Climathon, a 24-hour non-stop sprint to develop solutions to the world's leading climate issues, Primum assisted in providing two sets of expertise. 

Role: ​

  • Expert advisor on electric vehicle adoption strategies

  • Facilitator of well-being project: midnight yoga. 

Read more about this exciting event here

In addition to ongoing organizational strategic support through the roles listed below, Primum International has designed the Electrification Coalition's digital presence including a monthly newsletter, and social media graphics and online consumer and stakeholder engagement strategy.

Role: ​

  • Operations and Human Resources support

  • Development support including successful grant writing

  • Social media management and strategy

  • Online content management: website, newsletter, blog

  • Stakeholder engagement: Government, corporate, multinational, university

  • Graphic design 

  • Executive assistance


Primum worked with a start-up non-profit, Electricidad for el Pueblo ​to develop a full-scale branding package including logo, website, and branding guidelines.

Role: ​

  • Strategic advisor

  • Branding specialist

  • Web design

  • Graphic design


Simple Life Coffee (formerly Pura Vida Natural Bean), had experienced its first 10 years of business and was ready for an exciting new change. With the celebration of 10 years in business, Primum redesigned the company's image including an entire branding package, website, and social media strategy. 

Role: ​​​

  • Strategic planning and support

  • Branding specialist

  • Web design

  • Social media strategy

Primum designed and hosted a premier launch event for the 2018 all-electric Nissan LEAF. This exciting event was sold-out due to successful marketing and outreach by Primum.


  • Event coordinator 

  • Website design

  • Marketing and advertising (see below)

  • Stakeholder and partner engagement

Client Reviews


"Annie appeared at the exact moment and managed an extremely efficient process to establish the branding for Electricidad por el Pueblo, a solar installation cooperative in Puerto Rico that I was helping to form in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes. Her keen insight, adherence to method, and passion for the sustainable/multi-cultural/social justice nature of the project resulted in tools (logo, website, business cards) we could use right away to strong positive effect. I found her work so well-tuned that I immediately hired her for a second project, designing the website for my own business SunJuice Solar."


Alison Mason, Solar Integration Expert, SunJuice Solar

and Co-Founder, Electricidad por el Pueblo