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Role: ​

  • Designed the brand identity, logo, and website for the Electrica Tool.


Role: ​

  • Designed the identity for a national (Switzerland) student-led campaign to promote the urgency of sustainability in Switzerland. 

  • Tr-Lingual website (French, German, Italian)

  • Complete campaign identity.

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For the 2019 Climathon, a 24-hour non-stop sprint to develop solutions to the world's leading climate issues, Primum assisted in providing two sets of expertise. 

Role: ​

  • Expert advisor on electric vehicle adoption strategies

  • Facilitator of well-being project: midnight yoga. 

Read more about this exciting event here

In addition to ongoing organizational strategic support through the roles listed below, Primum International has designed the Electrification Coalition's digital presence including a monthly newsletter, and social media graphics and online consumer and stakeholder engagement strategy.

Role: ​

  • Operations and Human Resources support

  • Development support including successful grant writing

  • Social media management and strategy

  • Online content management: website, newsletter, blog

  • Stakeholder engagement: Government, corporate, multinational, university

  • Graphic design 

  • Executive assistance


Primum worked with a start-up non-profit, Electricidad for el Pueblo ​to develop a full-scale branding package including logo, website, and branding guidelines.

Role: ​

  • Strategic advisor

  • Branding specialist

  • Web design

  • Graphic design