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As a growing non-profit organization, the Electrification Coalition began releasing an annual report in 2021. I led the logistics and project management, overall design, photography, and graphic design direction of the report. Click here or on the image below to view the document.

Role (October 2020)

  • Project management

  • Graphic design direction

  • Photography coordination

  • Written content curation and editing

The Electrification Coalition, Plug In America, and Chispa organized a complex event where EV advocates and manufacturers gathered at the U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters on October 17, 2020 to showcase the latest in electric vehicles and charging equipment. This event helped lead to a major bipartisan infrastructure bill, 

Role (October 2020)

  • Event planning 

  • Complex logistics management including international C-Suite travel and product import

  • Overall project management

  • Graphic design 

  • Partnership engagement (international vendor engagement, training, and preparation including working with multiple high-profile and multinational company executive

The Electrification Coalition hosts regular online trainings, called "Bootcamps" bringing together hundreds of policymakers, industry experts, and advocates to encourage policies that will accelerate EV adoption.

Role (2020-Present)

  • Project Management 

  • Event Planning 

  • Logistics management 

  • Graphic Design

  • Partnership engagement (Speaker outreach, training, and preparation)