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For Entrepreneurs
and Small Businesses

We will help you to

Build your roadmap for the year

Create quarterly action steps

Have mental clarity and sense of motivation

Focus on your business.


How it Works

4-hour guided strategic planning session with 4-5 other entrepreneurs

($500 per business)

You get:

  • Business roadmap and quarterly action steps for how to make it happen.

  • Business focused workshop on strategic planning

  • Hands on workshop on weekly and quarterly planning

One-hour quarterly planning session


You get:

In order to implement your plan efectively, we recommend a quarterly planning session to check in on your progress.

You don’t need us for this (we will give you the plan to be successful without us), but we are here if you would like our help or someone to help you stay accountable to your plan. 

Free Stuff!

Nope, it doesn’t cost extra
(we just really like you and we want you 
to be successful)

You get:

Sample templates for your personal weekly planning and quarterly planning (in case you don't want to hang out with us each quarter)

Sample format for your weekly check ins with employees to keep everyone motivated and accountable. (We offer trainings on this if it sounds confusing).

Your Roadmap to 2024

You will walk away with your 2024 annual plan (which has your goals, mission, and measurements of success) will allow you to focus on implementing your business goals.

Meet The Team

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