• Breathing seminars for stress management (4, 1-hour sessions)

  • Developing office/corporate wellbeing plans

  • Workplace yoga

Workplace Wellbeing


Writing and Content Curation

  • Technical writing 

  • Proposal writing

  • Ghost writing

  • Grant writing

  • Online content management (blogs, websites)

  • Writing for social media

  • Script writing including events and webinars


Operations and Administration

  • Staff recruitment, hiring, management

  • Operations management

  • Administrative support

  • Executive assistance

  • Strategic program planning

  • Volunteer recruitment


Communications, Media, Marketing

  • Website design, ongoing website management

  • Comprehensive communication strategies

  • Social media strategy and management

  • Newsletter design, strategy, and ongoing management

  • Press and media strategy: Media relations and engagement, press releases and op eds, press conferences

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Event planning (see below)

  • Webinar series planning and management

  • Event planning and management

  • Ride and Drive planning

Event planning, webinar planning

Think Leafcutter Ant

Primum International Social Impact Consulting functions much like leafcutter ants, which can carry 3-6 times their weight (some estimates are as great as 20 times), and work quickly, quietly, and efficiently to accomplish their mission.


Client Reviews

"Annie appeared at the exact moment and managed an extremely efficient process to establish the branding for Electricidad por el Pueblo, a solar installation cooperative in Puerto Rico that I was helping to form in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes. Her keen insight, adherence to method, and passion for the sustainable/multi-cultural/social justice nature of the project resulted in tools (logo, website, business cards) we could use right away to strong positive effect. I found her work so well-tuned that I immediately hired her for a second project, designing the website for my own business SunJuice Solar."


Alison Mason, Solar Integration Expert, SunJuice Solar

and Co-Founder, Electricidad por el Pueblo

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